Is the Hudson Valley Lighting 2212-PN the Right Fixture for You?

Do you currently own your home, and would like to update your lighting fixtures in addition to the other projects being done? If so, you might want to take a look at the Hudson Valley Lighting 2212-PN lighting fixture. This is a classic piece and can offer your home beauty, sophistication, and practicality. This product was released as part of the Pelham collection, which is known for quality and beauty. This article will discuss this product further in depth and will serve as a review.

First off, when considering this product for purchase, you will need to know the features of this lighting fixture. This product was manufactured by Hudson Valley Lighting. This company has a history of manufacturing beautiful light fixtures such as the Polished Nickel Wall Sconce. Also, the 2212-PN does not require any special mounting fixture. Because of this light fixture is domed shaped, you will be able to adjust the lighting how you see fit. It also offers a cast metal tension clip. This allows for the softening of shadows, but will preserve the intensity of the light itself.


In addition to the aforementioned features, this lighting fixture also offers a solid brass pendant. The fixture is finished in solid nickel and includes a socket ring shade attachment. In addition to the standard stem, this fixture comes with two additional stems, allowing you to either combine them all or use them separately to adjust the length in which the fixture hangs. Also, the product comes with two separate warranties. You will get a twelve-month warranty from the manufacturer, as well as a thirty-day warranty from Hudson Valley Lighting Pelham Pendant Light.

Finally, this lighting fixture is absolutely stunning. There are many different options to change how the lighting is cast throughout the room, as well as being able to change the length of the stem. This product was made with quality and sophistication in mind. When you purchase this lighting fixture, you will get it for a price that you cannot beat. It is currently listed at around $984.00. This is a bargain price when compared to the everyday price. If you would like to find out more about this fixture, visit Hudson Valley Lighting Pelham Pendant Light for more information.